Currently we have over 186 core associates who are passionate, dedicated, and highly skilled professionals whose focus is in helping you grow your brand. Continuous training and advancement opportunities have resulted in a high core associate retention rate averaging 5.7 years of service as of May 2024.

We encourage prospective clients to visit our facilities and see for yourself the commitment and passion to grow your brand that our associates demonstrate. In fact during your tour our associates will be the ones conducting the tour and showing you how they do their jobs.


Results in higher caliber and more thoroughly trained associates

Demonstrated ability to identify issues prior to them becoming challenges

Ability for TBF to scale quickly when additional labor is required so there is no interruption of service levels



Total Biz Fulfillment precisely follows your established sales policies and plans. They become extensions of your own team and are trained by you on the specifics of your brand. Total Biz Fulfillment provides additional customer service training through the use of additional outside training programs.

Your champion here at Total Biz Fulfillment is your assigned Account Manager. Not only are they knowledgeable and friendly but they are available to aid you in all facets of our relationship. Think of them as your representative here at Total Biz Fulfillment. Multiple communications channels including phone, email, video and audio conferencing are welcomed but you’ll find are not necessary.


Allows you to control your brand without having to micromanage, freeing your time to build your brand

Total Biz Fulfillment becomes another set of eyes to monitor orders and insures your policies and practices are followed

Allows you to share in overall improvements in what is working in today’s marketplace

Brian Mandell
Account Manager

Steve Hunt
Account Manager

Carol Stevanus
Account Manager

Lyndie Laurencin
Account Manager

Misty Hetz
Inbound Coordinator



When you combine our passionate associates with the use of radio frequency scanners to track all product movement within the facility you know exactly how much product is shipped and how much product is in inventory. For instance, Total Biz Fulfillment shipped over 380,000 shipments and maintained shipping accuracy over 99.76%. This equates to a single shipping error in over 898 shipments.

And when shipping is accurate, inventory is accurate to the tune of 99.88% in recent years.


Your customers will gain confidence in placing orders and receiving shipments on time, when required, and without damages. This confidence translates into additional purchase orders being cut and provides you an advantage over your competitors

Accuracy improves your cash flow by avoiding Accounts Payable questions or challenges

  • Increases your product turns in the stores
  • Decreases the amount of product returns
  • Reduces back-orders



The quicker your orders are processed and the actual order is shipped out the door the better. At Total Biz Fulfillment internet orders are shipped the same day as received by early afternoon, independent merchant orders are shipped within 48 hours (most are shipped in 24 hours), compliance merchants are shipped on the first shipping day allowed. And for that critical product that just arrived, containers are off loaded and product available for shipping often the same day.


  • Quicker shipments mean improved product turns at the retail level
  • Improves cash flow
  • Improves overall revenue



If this last recession has taught businesses anything it is scalability. With Total Biz Fulfillment you pay for what you use… when you use it. You can easily scale with your business cycles and the overall economic climate. With about 30,000 storage locations in our four facilities, we have the capacity to scale right along with you.


  • Turns many fixed costs into variable costs
  • Eliminate wasted, underutilized, or over utilized resources – both labor and facilities/equipment
  • Reduces cash tied up in materials and supplies
  • Improves cash flow
  • Provides the opportunity to become very streamlined and nimble in the marketplace



In this economic climate you need to sell to any and all sales channels and sales outlets. With Total Biz Fulfillment you can sell to the National Key Accounts and we will take care of the EDI and Compliance headaches. You can sell to independent merchants and not worry about checking credit or having the ability to pick and pack. You can sell directly to your consumers off your own website. You can even do Retail Drop Shipping on behalf of a retailer and ship directly to their consumers.

With our experience in actively working with over 80 merchants requiring Electronic Document Interchange (EDI), and in addition to having worked with over 400 different merchants that require some type of compliance, you can count on us to deliver.


  • Substantially reduces the risk of charge backs from National/Key Accounts – Total Biz Fulfillment guarantees our compliance work and pays any charge backs resulting from our error
  • Increases your sales team’s territory
  • Reduces your risk in selling into new sales channels



Communications is paramount for keeping your customers happy and Total Biz Fulfillment offers email notifications for Order Confirmations, Ship Notifications, Cancelled Order Notifications, Credit and Debit Notifications, Credit Limit Notifications, and Accounts Receivable Aging Notifications.


  • Improves your direct communications with your merchants and sales agents
  • Improves your goodwill
  • Provided an opportunity to support your marketing efforts



Total Biz Fulfillment provides its clients with three data sharing solutions to best manage their business.

Online Reporting Access:

With up to 22 different reports available via our secure online reporting portal, information is always at your fingertips. These reports cover a wide range of data, from inventory levels to accounts receivables, and are broken down into daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Online Report Queries:

Our online Web Query, accessible via a secure internet link, provides 27 different reports, including; orders received, orders shipped, inventory, open order information and much more. Many of these reports can be run over limitless date ranges and provide live data direct from Total Biz Fulfillment’s robust warehouse system.   

Daily File Transfers:

In addition, we provide daily files of work performed on your behalf customized to your requested level of detail. This information can typically be imported and allow you to maintain the data in your own system.


  • Information is available 24/7/365, anywhere you have internet access
  • Reports are always tailored to your specific needs and level of detail



Total Biz Fulfillment utilizes a state-of-the-art  hardware platform running an advanced software suite.


Grow beyond limited first level software packages like QuickBooks and with no investment you can migrate to a scalable, fully integrated business system that is responsive, and productive

Keeps your data secure and systems available with multiple Uninterruptable Power Supplies and daily system back-up that is stored off-site. In addition, 24/7 maintenance linked directly to IBM monitoring



Frees up your capital resources and cash for use in higher return areas

Gain access to TBF’s expertise

Leverages Total Biz Fulfillment’s capital expenditures

Improves your profitability and lowers your fixed assets, overall debt, and improves your equity

Access objective performance criteria